Applewine - Hard Cider

We use a mixed variety of cider apples from local orchards.  What grows in the regions of Taunus, Odenwald, Spessart and Vogelsberg on mature tall apple trees is the basis for our popular applewines. The apples ferment in autumn, continue to ripen in our sandstone cellars, closely watched by our expert cellar masters.

Sun, wind and rain

It does not take more than that for a genuine juicy country apple to ripen on a naturally organic Hessian apple tree.  And just as untreated as it is – fresh from the trees on our hills and meadows – we press the apples with great care.  That is why you can taste the unmistakable flavor of its origin in our applewine.  No surprise, that no other hard ciders have won more awards in Germany. 

Frankfurter Hard Cider, Frau Rauscher, Äppler

Frankfurter Äpfelwein
Most awarded hard cider in Germany.

Frankfurter Äpfelwein
Der Milde
Much less apple
acid makes it mild.

Frankfurter Äpfelwein
Der Alkoholfreie
Low in calories. Isotonic and 0.0% alcohol.

Frankfurter Äpfelwein Gespritzter
It's the mix that does it: 
75 + 25=100% enjoyment  

Frau Rauscher
Speierling naturtrüb

24 times DLG gold medal. Mature and unique hard cider

Frau Rauscher im 5 l Fässchen
Just the thing for the convivial round.

Kellermeister Schoppe
limitierte Fass-Selektion

The favourite child of our cellar master. Limited barrel edition.

Äppler pur
Hard Cider in a can for all who are on the way and don't want to do without. 

Äppler gespritzter
75% best cider plus 25% sparkling table water.

Äppler süss gerspitzt
75% best cider plus 25%  orange lemonade.

Äppler + Cola
75% best cider plus 25% sparkling table water plus cola.

The official drink of Eintracht Frankfurt.

Adler-Schoppe 5 Liter 
Game edition for the big thirst.