Apple Juice & Sparkling Apple Juice

What becomes an award winning apple wine must start as an outstanding juice!  So no wonder that a large amount of our DLG gold medals go to our apple juices!  Either as a pure unfiltered or filtered juice with the concentrated apple aroma, or as a refreshing sparkling juice with a shot of sparkling water as a healthy thirst quencher.

Healthy and significantly valuable.

The variety of our natural country apples with all its tannins and vitamins ensures the health value.  We use exclusively ripe, crunchy cider apples fresh from the tree to create our “liquid gold”.  With our gentle pressing process we preserve an abundance of trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

Apple Juice and sparkling apple juice

Streuobst Saft

100% direct apple juice unfiltered.

Streuobst Saft
fine and mild

100% direct apple juice unfiltered.

Apple juice naturally cloudy
Direct juice. Vegan. No sugar added.

Apple juice golden light
100% apple. No sugar added.

Sparkling Apple Juice
Naturally cloudy and golden light.