Cider apple orchards are important natural biotopes.  In contrast to intensive fruit cultivation in plantations, these orchards are managed extensively, and are being used for various purposes such as grass land or grazing pastures for cattle.

Permanent Grassland

A meadow orchard is permanent grassland where fruit trees of different species and varieties are standing side by side.  Country apple orchards are rarely fertilized and the grass is cut only twice a year.  In most cases no pesticides or other herbicides are used.

Beautiful Country

Our original orchards provide a wonderful scenery at any time of the year.  Protected plants such as orchards, wild fruit species such as the medlar, the wooden apple, the oat plum the rowanberry and the speyerling find their preferred place on the orchard meadow.  As important as the natural variety of trees and plants is, apples from natural orchards that have ripened in peace are deciding factor for a good apple wine or apple juice.

Annual Blossom Walk

During our annual blossom walking tour we explore the natural habitat “Streuobstwiese” with friends and business partners.  They are an ideal habitat for a large number of species of animals and insects: Bats, dormice, rare birds, such as the wryneck and the endangered little owl, as well as countless insect species; the musk beetle, wild bees and wasps.