Eintracht Frankfurt Soccer

Of course we support our team Eintracht with all our heart.  We have been a dedicated sponsor for over 20 years and dedicated fans for much longer.  It is a true love affair with this traditional and exciting club, which gives us lots of pleasure.

Löwen Frankfurt Hockey

Possmann on the rocks – that’s the motto here.  When the Frankfurt lions sweep over the ice with the puck, the Possmanns cheering them on.  As sponsoring partner and fans we keep our fingers crossed from September through March and look forward to many rousing successful games.

City of Frankfurt

We are always working on different projects with the city of Frankfurt when it comes to the preservation of the ecologically valuable orchard meadow biospheres and nature.  Our senior Günter Possmann was awarded the highest Frankfurt award 2019 by the Mayor of Frankfurt Feldmann for his life’s achievements.

VGF Ebbelwei-Expreß - Tram

Since 1977, the Ebbel-Ex has been rumbling through Germany’s most beautiful city as a rolling apple wine tavern.  It drives you all across town, from the fair grounds to the zoo, or into the forest of Neu-Isenburg, while you can have a nice glass of Frankfurter Äpfelwein.  The Ebbelwei-Express probably is the only tram in the world in which swaying to the music and (moderate) apple wine consumption in broad daylight are a must.


City tour - Frankfurt and the Äppelwoi

Verena Röse is a full-time city guide and not only knows her way around Frankfurt am Main very well, she also has a lot to tell about the Stöffche. She knows the answers to many questions, as well as numerous anecdotes and legends about Frankfurt's national drink. And because listening makes you thirsty, the tour starts with a pint of Possmann apple wine. So Verena Röse helps in two ways: against thirst and against the thirst for knowledge.