The Pressing

Our cellar masters watch over more than 140 storage tanks with very different apple wines fermented in autumn.  Many nuances, an abundance of fascinating aromas – raw diamonds all of them.  Only through blending they become what our customers expect from us, full aromatic, dry apple wines – A true Possmann.

Mash and Fresh Pressed Juice

After the apples have been delivered to us, they are thoroughly washed and sorted.  Before processing all apples are inspected under strict quality control.  Then they go directly to the mill, where our apples are cut into fine pieces.  The mash, which now consists of small pieces of apple, then goes into the press. 
Each of the continuous belt presses can process 10 tons of apples into fresh juice per hour, so that over 600 tons of healthy, ripe apples are processed in 24 hours.  Through the particularly gentle pressing process we preserve the valuable substances from every apple.


The cellar master decides which batches are being fermented to wine.  The juice is therefore moved to special fermentation tanks that can be refrigerated.  During a period of 2-4 weeks the fermentation turns the natural fruit sugar into alcohol, closely monitored by the cellar master.


The freshly pressed cider is pumped directly into our storage tanks.  In the cellar of the winery there are a large number of storage capacities in which the apple juice and wines pressed during the harvest period are stored and matured for the year’s demand.  In addition to our old wooden barrels, these tanks consist mainly of stainless steel tanks of a capacity of 200.000 litres each.