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Grown for over 130 years.

It was 1881 when Philipp Possmann opened the Gasthof zum Taunus with a connected cider winery. Due to the economic growth in Frankfurt, there were more and more thirsty workers to serve drinks to. While on the Frankfurt side of the Main river the business district with its high rises was growing on the other side of the river (Sachsenhausen) was developing as a cozy entertaining place with all of its applewine taverns. For over 134 years, the Possmann family has made traditional German apple wine and apple juice in the manner first handed down by Philipp Possmann in 1881.

Only the best

Possmanns focus since its founding days has been on premium quality of the raw materials (apples) as well as the craftsmanship of wine making. Already in 1929 the company started receiving awards for its premium quality products. Up until today Possmann’s hard ciders are by far the most awarded of Germany.


Since the day when the founder Philipp Possmann gave his name to the company there has always been a Possmann family member as the head of the company. We are proud that even in the 5th generation that has not changed-which is a true achievement.


Where the world is still in order.

For our products we use mainly apples which are grown wild throughout the meadows and valleys of our region.  By preserving these trees and the environment they grow in we play a big role in protecting endangered species which live in these habitats.  Therefore every sip of our ciders is actively helping to protect the environment.


All natural

If an apple could choose where to grow up it would certainly choose one of our wild apple orchards. While industrial apple orchard trees are sprayed against pesticides and the grass kept very short on our wild orchards we give the habitat the time to develop naturally without interference from chemicals or machinery. Therefore you find many rare species of animals and plants in this habitat.

Bestgrowing ground

The gentle and all encompassing use of these wild orchards ensure that the ground is rich with minerals and nutrition which in return helps to grow good healthy apples.


According to the highest craftmanship standards.

At Possmann the priority is not to just get the best apples to press, but also to process them according to the highest standards and our traditional family recipes. Although working with modern technology and highest hygienic standards it still comes down to true craftsmanship to produce the Possmann cider quality.

Gentle force

After inspecting and selecting the best apples, they are gently pressed in order to preserve the natural ingredients. 

Submarine tank storage

The creativity of making things work in order to follow the cider making dedication has lead the two Possmann brothers to a unique idea.  Towards the end of the second World war the country was in ruins and no steel was available for storage kegs. The idea was born to use the 3 pressure hulls of unfinished submarines to store juice and wine in. To this day these 3 tanks out of 2.5 centimeter strong steel preserve the quality of apple juice and hard apple cider.  An excellent way of storage.


Outstanding quality,
outstanding tase.

Working with the best raw materials and highest quality standards our products have never been the least expensive in the market, but have always set the quality standards for many decades. The reward for the devotion and love to our products also shows in the many awards we have collected over the years of our company history.  The German agricultural association alone has awarded our products with over 115 gold medals since 1968.

We love the variety - since 1881

Our  classical products

Frankfurter Applewine-

The Classic / Hard cider

Sun, wind and rain are all these hessisch apples need to create their special flavor. This flavor is tart and crisp. Traditionally hand crafted by a cellar master, this is the original and many time award winning applewine of Germany. This product has won 37 DLG gold medals.


Frankfurt Applewine – Non-Alcoholic

This applewine is full, fruity, and lightly tart in taste with zero alcohol and very little calories. This is a perfect drink low in calories, isotonic as refresher in between, or as a tasty alternative for when you have to drive.


Frau Rauscher Speierling Applewine

With every sip of this fruity, tart applewine, you enjoy a classic taste of the lifestyle in Frankfurt.  We have already won 24 times the DLG gold medals and the wine won the Hessen Cider State Championship- Hessenmeister.


Adler Schoppe

The official drink of Eintracht Frankfurt, the Frankfurt soccer team. The original Possmann Frankfurt applewine is the permanent companion of our fans at the soccer games.  This applewine is almost as popular as the soccer team. It is available in a 5 liter keg as well as the sparkling applewine version in the 0,5L.





Apple juice and sparkling apple juice

Landapple Apple juice –Clear juice

With 21 DLG gold medals, Germany’s most awarded apple juice. We can already speak from liquid “Gold”.  This juice contains 100% fruit and has no additional preservatives. It contains vitamins and minerals from at least 14 healthy country apples. 


Landapple Apple direct juice- Cloudy

From crispy Boskop to juicy Schafsnase apples fresh from hessen meadow orchards. These apples are hand picked and its juice is directly bottled unfiltered after pressing. This is an amazingly fresh taste and is like drinking a fresh pressed apple.



Landapple Apple Juice Sparkling - Clear gold

The delicious juice is an energy giver through its thirst quenching minerals and nutrition elements. This apple juice is a combination of excellent juice with 30% premium sparkling water added.


Landapple Apple Juice Sparkling –Cloudy Natural

This cloudy apple juice contains 70% juice and contains all the health benefits of a great juice and thirst quenching. It also has 30% of premium sparkling water added.


Äppler and Appel wine mixed drinks

Äppler Hugo

This summer drink is originally a mixture of prosecco, elderflower, fresh lime and mint. At Possmann we use our applewine instead of prosecco and create and delicious Frankfurt specialty.


Äppler Spritz

With a dry, lightly bitter and fruity style this drink is made for an evening with summer feeling. The taste from Aperol with Frankfurt applewine is refreshing.


Äppler Kirsch

The new refreshing drink in summer. Possmann applewine mixed with fruity cherry juice. This is the taste of a fun summer.


Äppler Cider

The uncompromisingly perfect hard cider from an original family recipe. Purecider has a perfect balance of rich apple flavor while not too sweet with a dry finish. Try a chilled Pure Cider, no need for ice, it is a perfect hard apple cider. 


Äppler Cola

This drink contains 60% Frankfurt applewine mixed with 40% caffeine containing cola. This invigorating taste with only 3.5% alcohol. 



Pure Cider & Pure Cider Rosé (4Pack)

Theuncompromisingly perfect hard cider from an original family recipe.  Created with 100% pleasure and 0% compromise. Pure cider has a perfect balance of rich apple flavor while not too sweet with a dry finish. Try a chilled Pure Cider, no need for ice, it is a perfect hard apple cider.  Also available as Pure Cider Rose´ with a splash of black currant.